Bock the South 2012 is coming!

In just a short while it’s already going to be the season for outdoor activities such as powerbocking! For those of you that remember, and you newbies too! It will soon be time for Bock the South 2012! Last years event was a major success. We had Jumping Stilt Enthusiasts from Boston, Florida, and Washington, DC all come attend a wonderful meet up with locals from Savannah, GA.

If you never got a chance to view Bock the Souths 2011 video check it out! Also there is this fun old flyer we posted around town.

For our 2012 meet up we are just now in the beginning phases of hammering plans down, and hard. We plan on positioning the meet so it’s the first big national meet of the year just like in 2011. This puts us with an ideal time frame of march-through the beginning of may. Right now we’re leaning towards an end of march/beginning of april weekend. Last year we held it the first weekend of May. But Savannah weather allows it much earlier in the spring.

Last year we held the meet starting on a Saturday and ending on a Sunday with a pre-party meet up on Friday evening. This is our goal this year as well.

We are also still planning on hosting it in Savannah, Georgia. We plan on using more or less the same locations as last year with more of an emphasis on River Street.

If you have any suggestions please take this time to let us know! Comment right on this blog, comment on our facebook repost, send us an email to

We will be announcing concrete plans and posting the official event on facebook in February. Let’s make Bock the South 2012 even better then last years!

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