Welcome to the new blog “Live, Laugh, Jump!”

We’re going to be doing away with the email newsletter. Because hey who checks their emails anymore? Off to the junk folder with ya! Don’t forget to subscribe or remember to join our facebook group. We’ll be posting links to the blog there as well.

Also sometime in the near future we’re going to make a massive post with all the old archived newsletters. So hey if you missed those enjoy the glory of reposts.

Looking into the future we’re naming this blog “Live, Laugh, Jump!” just as way to show how we the XD Bockers like to conduct ourselves. This blog will be about what we’re doing practice wise, where we’re performing, how new comers can join us, and just the all around fun we have as club.

This time of the year is definitely a low point for us in the sport. With winter weather hindering powerbocking. We won’t have many new club videos or updates until the weather turns nice in spring.

But expect a review of 7 League Boots Jumping Stilts sometime in the coming weeks. We’ll get an unboxing video up as soon as we get a pair, and a few week review out once we’re able to use them.

In addition to our upcoming review we are working on our own websites update. After moving our main base to an entirely new state, we have a lot to update with member profiles and reflecting that we now mainly serve the surrounding Cedar Rapids area.

We also have big plans in building a great new branch of the club here in the Cedar Rapids area. Jake (original fonding member with yours truly) and I have already got another friend up and walking before the weather went freezing. Expect some amusing stuff from us to come.

Anyways don’t forget to subscribe if not, hit that like button when I post these in the facebook group!




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